Helpful tip

If you mix PS with Gripen Remover, you will get att goo/sludge that can be used as glue or filler when you have cracks that you need to fill.

I used it on the inside of the shoulderfixing, where you glue two strips vertical to the plates where the grooves/holes are, there will be a tiny gap(let´s face it, nothing is 100% straight). I placed the plates in a downward angle and used a brush to apply the goo and it will make a solid joint when hardened.




Testing the shoulder fixings!

It´s almost time to glue them to the frame, good thing i tested them fist because it seems like i´ve missed out a little on some oft the top upright which are now short about 1½-2 mm, easyly fixed but annoying. I´m really happy with myself since this is my first ever astromech-build i´m expecting some minor misshaps, i don´t plan on them but just taking the required time and get things right the first time (mostly)