Better to mount those little buggers now while there are some( and only some) freedom of movement to work from more than one angle, because once the skin is on you´re basically screwed in that department.

I bought 5 pcs microservos from China, typ SG90, 0.8 kg. i ended up spending about 2 hrs before i actually got some good results that i was happy with.

I hooked up the servo to my mousedroids 3rd channel which is a on/off type channel, the result is here below.

Helpful tip

If you mix PS with Gripen Remover, you will get att goo/sludge that can be used as glue or filler when you have cracks that you need to fill.

I used it on the inside of the shoulderfixing, where you glue two strips vertical to the plates where the grooves/holes are, there will be a tiny gap(let´s face it, nothing is 100% straight). I placed the plates in a downward angle and used a brush to apply the goo and it will make a solid joint when hardened.